A fishermen’s village on Spain’s northern coast, on the edge of Europe. Here lives Aleixo, son of Galician remigrants from Latin America, who led a mindless lifestyle and spent some years inhabiting the drug scene. Now, these times are over. Recently Aleixo has married Mariña, and she is expecting a baby. He tries to set up business as a surfboard shaper. Since there are no jobs available, he has to raise the funds for his workshop in other ways. Supported by his cousin Estevo, who is a coast guard, he furtively fishes for goose barnacles as an illegal percebeiro.

During this profitable yet perilous work, Aleixo suffers an accident. Together with his dog Coxo he is helplessly drawn out to deep sea. Nobody knows what has happened to him. Eventually he rescues himself, clinging to a rock island in the ocean, but losing his boat. Both man and dog are trapped on the faraway island. Uncertain if he ever will return to safer coasts, Aleixo tries to survive by scanty means, even successfully installing a beacon. In the meantime, unbeknownst to him, Mariña goes into premature labour and brings their child into the world.

Even after days, no rescue comes. Alone in the infinity of the ocean, Aleixo loses his sense of reality. Maybe he and his dog have drowned in deep sea, and are now living in the hereafter on the mythical island his grandfather used to talk about.

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